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TransTech International • A Total Solutions Technology Company

TransTech International Corporation (TTI) is a company of experts who welcome the opportunity to attend to your needs in providing you with technology solutions.

Among other services we can perform for you, our Team of Experts in TTI’s Communications Division is prepared to provide you with a wide range of Satellite and Wireless Broadband Network Services. Focused on the objectives of your project, we perform needs and requirements analysis for designing and deploying cost effective systems that you prefer and will be happy with.

TTI initiates your projects with the proper engineering disciplines that include unique and effective methods. We thrive in the formulation, planning and management of technology solutions to provide you with accelerated and responsive design, installation and deployment of very reliable systems. An integral part of our methodology is the effective training and transfer of technical skills to your work force.

Our teams are focused on doing business in the transfer of technology in accelerating Wireless Communications development WORLD-WIDE. We primarily deploy enabling technologies for the enhancement and development of infrastructures.

Along with developing, deploying and operating Wireless Communications Networks, TTI is very pleased to capture this opportunity in introducing its expertise also in the following areas of Technology:

Automation & Technology systems for the development and deployment of:
  • Environmentally sensitive systems for electricity, water and Energy distribution systems
  • Education, distance learning and other training programs
  • Improved and or modernized systems for institutional operations
  • Remote sensed Satellite imagery data and related services
  • Transportation systems, mining and agricultural systems
  • Other technology infusion and Projects development Programs

        Wireless Broadband Systems

TTI performs and provides its Systems Engineering end-to-end expert Services:
  • To fully satisfying customer objectives and requirements
  • To provide quick response and initial operational capability within weeks.
  • To design and deploy very reliable and cost effective Communications systems, including Wireless Broadband (large and small) Networks, satellite communication & VSAT systems
  • To design and deploy Special Wi-Fi access services and Computer networks for schools, hotels, hospitals, businesses and other institutions
  • To operate and maintain Networks & Network Services
  • To effectively train and transfer skills to your work force
TTI assures its customers, including its potential customers, that we guarantee to uphold the highest professional ethics and promise to perform to a win-win strategy with care and sensitivity to culture and the environment.

In the year 2003 TTI has cost effectively and successfully Operated and Maintained the 2nd. Largest Wireless Broadband Network in the USA.
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