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In the figure below, we show TTI’s simplified methodology diagram used in the development & deployment of technology systems. The flow chart shown is based on TTI’s internal expertise and specialty in Advanced Systems Engineering for particularly the development and deployment of Wireless Communications Services.

Wireless Broadband Network Services Deployment
Click here to view our full methodolgy chart.

TTI effectively uses its advanced Systems Engineering expertise, similar in process to the flow chart shown above, in performing and providing its competitive services to you our Customers.

In the performing design and development of Projects we ensure continued progress and measure cost effectiveness by including the following:
  • We select criteria that have demonstrable links to Partners & Customers needs for system requirements analysis

  • We analyze Operational Performance trades, Business/Program Success as defined in Cost, Schedule, Quality-of-Service and Risk control

  • We maintain a "needs-based" balance among the often conflicting criteria

  • We select criteria that are measurable (objective and quantifiable) and express them in well known, easily understood units. However, important criteria for which no measure seems to exist still must be explicitly addressed

  • We use tradeoff parameters to show the customer the performance, cost, schedule, and risk impacts of requirements and solutions variations

  • Whenever possible, we use simulation and experimental/prototype designs to perform tradeoffs

  • We work with the Partners/Customers to modify requirements and participate in developing the solutions that are based on best solution approaches overall
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