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IPsky2e - Fast Internet via satellite

  • No extra phone lines needed - the satellite dish receives and sends the information for you.
  • You are 'always on' - no more time wasted dialing up and near instant email.
  • Download speeds up to 2Mbps (depending on contract) - get large files up to ten times faster than a standard dial-up 56K modem.
  • Upload speeds up to 153Kbps - send large files faster
  • You'll have a choice of products and value added services
  • Fixed costs - no surprises with the bill (not applicable for shared Quota)
  • A lot of option : Pubil IP, firewall, antivius, interconnection between two IPSky2e (only for some tcp protocol-never to create a LAN[ethernet] over satellite), VOIP
  • Star Topology - The IPSKY2e is designed to support connectivity from our GT&T central hub based in Belgium to many remote locations.
  • DVB Outbound - The IPSKY2e outbound carrier complies with DVB standards.
  • Superior Inbound Coding - Intelligent coding algorithms with VERY HIGH LEVEL CORECTION CODE and modulation techniques enable efficient usage of satellite bandwidth AND NO IMPACT OF THE RAIN
  • Stand Alone Remote Unit - Client software is already embedded in the box. There is no need for external software for terminal operation.
  • Extensive IP Capabilities - IPSKY2e can function in a variety of IP environments and supports a wide range of IP protocols and applications.
  • Centralized Network Management - Network management is carried out from the hub. Remote terminals can be monitored from a central location(GT&T Unique Global Interface)
  • Rapid Deployment - Terminals can be set up easily across multiple locations.
  • Proven Technology - Our VSAT terminals have already been installed and are operating successfully in thousands of locations worldwide.
  • Private IP addresses available
  • Public IP addresses available

        Wireless Broadband Systems

  • Extremely fast Internet Access
    Directly connected to the European Internet Backbone (155Mbps)
  • Several PC can be connected (5 or 13pc depending of the contract)
  • Public and private IP addresses available
  • SOHO/SME application
  • Cyber-cafe and small ISP's (see our SLA)
  • Services in option : Firewall, antivirus, antispamming, Content Filtering, VOIP avalaible ,...
  • Leased line or shared access available up to 2Mbps in download
  • Very small antenna (from 96 cm up to 1.2m max) due to the unique
    satellite codage used by GT&T Earth Station
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