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Kitaw Ejigu, Ph. D., has over thirty-two years of experience in the development and utilization of high-technology products, aviation, space systems, communications infrastructure and automation systems. Among the high-tech institutions and companies Kitaw has been a part of are Jet Propulsion Labs/NASA, Boeing, Rockwell International, and Loral Corporation.

Kitaw's extensive professional qualifications include Aerospace and Aviation Products Senior Systems Engineer, Space Technology & Systems Research Scientist, Business Development and Marketing Manager, Systems Engineering Instructor, Technologist and Robotics/Mechanisms and Design/Development Engineer.

He has firsthand experience in the transfer and marketing of commercial technology. With his multidiscipline expertise, Kitaw has successfully worked in a team environment to exceed company goals, achieving significant accomplishments during his many years of service in industrial and institutional assignments. Kitaw has invented two aerospace mechanisms for JPL/NASA, patented under NASA’s new technology.

Kitaw is the founder and CEO of TTI. TransTech International is a power house with a Team of individual experts and a world class of western advanced technology corporations. TTI’s group has advanced and very innovative project management expertise that benefits its customers.

Kitaw Ejigu
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