TransTech International Corporation (TTI) performs a wide range of services for technology-based projects, beginning with feasibility assessments and continuing through project completion. Using our unique and effective methods in the formulation and management of Integrated Technology Transfer, TTI provides a quick response in the installation and deployment of reliable systems. An integral part of our methodology is the effective training and transfer of skills to the local work force.

Our main objective is to do business in technology transfer for accelerated development in Africa. Our main focus is to provide enabling technologies for the enhancement and development of infrastructures.

What TTI Does:

  • Accomplish our objectives with sensitivity to culture and environment.
  • Perform to a win-win strategy.
  • Transfer state-of-the-art technology with no cost to the government of the developing country. We build communications infrastructure with wireless broadband, high-speed Internet, and satellite technology systems to provide you with very high quality and cost-effective services. We invest for mutual gain from the beginning.
  • Provide quick response in the installation and deployment of reliable technology systems, delivering initial operation capability within the first 3 to 6 months of authorization.
  • Provide increased employment; and effectively train and transfer skills to the local work force.


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